A Collection of Works by Jones Gold

jones gold

Jones has a knack for combining elements from nature and her own psychic garden into jewelry that expresses the unique character of each piece. This is particularly true of rings, where she’s developed a highly personal approach that’s both playful and reflective.

Her gold work often begins with a fabricated shape that she then builds upon spontaneously, creating pieces that connote growth and movement. She’s also a fan of pins, for the freedom they give her to build up from a fabricated starting point.

About the Artist

Jones is an American painter whose style and subject matter have a strong connection to the past. Her work is inspired by her own family’s history as well as the stories of other African Americans in history.

The artist’s paintings are a combination of historical art and contemporary, utilizing a solid field of gold to create a backdrop for her subjects. The gold envelops and accentuates the figures, drawing the viewer’s attention to their details and colors.

In addition to his paintings, the artist also produces fine art photography prints. These are limited editions and are hand-signed with certificates of authenticity.

The story of the Jones Gold has become part of the fabric of Arizona history. While some people believe the tale is true, others are more skeptical of Jones’ claims.

About the Collection

A collection of works by jones gold, including photographs and an early pencil drawing entitled Luna. Jones exhibited a particular interest in astronomy and spiritualism, and this work is an example of the type of ethereal drawing that he produced in the late nineteenth century.

He also practiced applied design, creating a variety of textiles and wallpapers for Warner, as well as a series of ornamental designs. Among them are motifs inspired by Indian textiles, such as the ‘Maharanee’ woven silk furnishing fabric (figure 21), which closely resembles embroidered motifs in a sari from Multan.

For years, the tale of the Jones Gold held a firm grip on treasure hunters, from Life magazine readers to campfire tales shared by those who haven’t yet found their own gold. Then, in January 1959, a friend said that he was ready to take on the task of finding what had become an obsession.

About the Metal

Jones works primarily in sterling silver and gold. She views her jewelry as rooted in Wales, an area that “speaks to me.”

Her work is evocative, textured and patinated, often with lines that speak of earth. She likes to play with shapes, constructing them from fabricated forms or spontaneously bending and twisting.

She prefers to avoid the trap of technique, letting her natural instincts guide her creative process. Her aesthetic is firmly grounded in nature, and she uses the materials as metaphors for growth and change.

Stories about lost gold are not uncommon in Arizona, and those who trudge through the Superstition Mountains with shovels slung across their backs can be tempted to believe that a stash of buried treasure awaits them. But Fort Huachuca military historian Gregory says any attempt to locate the Jones Gold is strictly prohibited by federal law for several reasons, including environmental and military considerations. Despite these restrictions, the lure of finding the gold remains strong.

About the Rings

MJ Jones has an impressive collection of finely crafted jewelry and accessories. The eponymous aficionado may not have the best of times on a trip to Paris or Berlin, but he certainly is in the know with regards to high end luxury goods. Fortunately for us and his wallet, he was able to parlay all of his new found knowledge into a lucrative gig as a jewellery designer. The result is the most lustrous collection of bling you’ll see for miles around.