Advantage Gold Reviews

advantage gold reviews

Advantage Gold focuses on educating clients and building a strong relationship. Its empathetic account representatives take the time to understand their client’s apprehensions about investing in precious metals.

They offer a complete suite of educational materials to help potential investors make the most informed decision possible. They also have an experienced team of customer support professionals to help you when you need it.


Advantage Gold is a precious metals IRA company that helps investors convert their retirement accounts into gold and other valuable metals. They provide education, support and assistance for their clients throughout the entire process of opening a precious metals IRA.

They offer a wide range of precious metals and coins to their customers, including silver, platinum and palladium. They also offer a buy-back program for customers who want to liquidate their metals, and they have a generous refund policy.

The website for Advantage Gold is user-friendly and easy to navigate, providing a wealth of information on precious metals and investing. They offer videos, charts and other resources to help potential clients learn more about investing in precious metals. The website also includes a weekly newsletter that can be subscribed to.

Customer Service

The customer service department at Advantage Gold is always available to answer questions and help clients make their best investment decisions. They strive to provide one-on-one guidance throughout the process of rolling over retirement accounts and purchasing precious metals.

They have a team of experienced representatives that understand the challenges and concerns of novice investors. They also offer educational materials to help clients understand the investment process.

Investing in gold can be intimidating for newcomers, but Advantage Gold makes the process simple with a First Time Gold Investor Program. Representatives listen to the client’s goals and then offer precious metals that are appropriate for their needs.

In addition, Advantage Gold partners with Brinks Global Services USA in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, and Delaware Depository in Wilmington to store the coins and bars it sells. Additionally, it has a buyback program for customers who want to liquidate their precious metals at a fair price.


Advantage Gold takes its security seriously and works with reputable partners like STRATA to ensure that your precious metals are securely handled. The platform also features a secure checkout process and tracks purchases in real time.

Advantage Gold offers a wide selection of coins, bars and rounds for sale. It also offers gold IRAs, which reduce portfolio volatility and increase wealth over time.

These IRAs can be funded with fiat money (cash), silver, gold and other assets and precious metals. The company’s team walks you through the entire process and offers a variety of support channels to answer your questions.

The company also provides IRS-approved storage through two providers, Brink’s Global Services and Delaware Depository. Both offer state-of-the-art vaulting services with top-tier security measures, insurance and storage options. You can choose from segregated or non-segregated vaulting.