Bullseye Trades Review

bullseye trades

Bullseye trades is a trading alert service created by millionaire options trader Jeff Bishop. The system focuses on stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Each week, users receive one trade idea from Bishop before the market opens. This idea includes a market summary and details on the stock with charts.


Unlike many stock trading services that drop one trade idea on your lap and then go radio-silent until their next pick, Bullseye Trades does an excellent job of explaining the rationale behind each trade. Jeff Bishop, who is a Wall Street veteran and the head of options trading at Raging Bull, also hosts a weekly live stream in which he walks through each week’s trade idea.

The service is designed with simplicity in mind and is suited for traders of all levels, including beginners. It also offers valuable training material through the “Launchpad” video series.

As a member of the Bullseye Trades platform, you’ll receive one high conviction option trade idea each Monday morning before the market opens. This idea will capture the guru’s highest probability trade idea and come complete with a detailed analysis. In addition, you’ll get a detailed market summary and charts. In addition, you’ll be able to learn from Jeff Bishop in his exclusive educational chat room.

Concluding Thoughts

The Bullseye Trades service has a lot of value and features that make it stand out from the competition. In addition to the weekly single trade idea, Jeff Bishop also provides members with training material that helps them get started trading. This is a nice touch, as it makes it easy for new traders to learn the basics of options trading.

He also offers a live update video where he discusses the week’s pick and answers questions. He does this weekly and aims to give the best possible results for his subscribers.

This service is ideal for anyone who is looking for a supplementary income or to start trading in general. It’s a simple option trading program with minimal learning curve and a weekly profit guarantee. It’s also a great fit for people who are financially stressed or need a quick turnaround on their cash. Jeff is a long-time Wall Street veteran and co-founded Raging Bulls with fellow trading gurus Allan Marshall and Jason Bond.

Overall Rating

Bullseye Trades is a stock market service that provides options trading signal alerts and training. The service is a good choice for traders who are looking for a simple way to make money from the stock market. Unlike many other services, this service is relatively easy to follow and requires only a basic understanding of options trading.

The service is run by millionaire trading guru Jeff Bishop, who owns the famous message board Raging Bull. He has a reputation for being one of the best traders in the world, and is on par with other gurus like Jason Bond and Allan Marshall.

He developed his own unique trading concept called Bullseye Trades, which combines education with a weekly options trading alert. Each week, Jeff chooses his top trading idea and shares it with members. His alerts are usually quite simple to understand and offer a rationale for the trade. For example, he recently recommended buying options on Caterpillar [CAT] for a potential gain of up to 200%.

Final Words

Bullseye trades is an extremely affordable guru service for options traders, coming in at just $97 per year. In addition to Jeff’s weekly option trading tip, subscribers also get access to a free options trading book called Option Profit Accelerator.

Jeff Bishop is a self-made multimillionaire who has built up an impressive track record in the online trading industry. He is the founder of online trading message boards Raging Bull and also runs a few other stock and option prediction trading systems.

He developed the Bullseye Trades program with the intention of delivering a single trade idea each Monday morning before the markets open. The system delivers a trade pick via text or email to subscribers. It is quite simple compared to most of the other trading alerts available on the market. It is also not a trading bot and does not automatically execute trades for members. However, it does offer high-level customer support through e-mail or live chat.