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GoldSilver offers a large assortment of IRA-eligible silver coins, bars and rounds. They collaborate with IRA custodian businesses to guarantee that every customer’s IRA is properly set up.

The CEO and founder of GoldSilver is Mike Maloney, the author of the best-selling Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver and host of the popular video docu-series Hidden Secrets of Money.

Buying Gold & Silver

One of the biggest benefits to investing in precious metals is that they are not correlated to stocks, bonds, or other paper assets. That means that you don’t have to worry about earnings reports, dividend and interest payments, or unhappy shareholders. This gives your investment a freedom that other investments do not offer.

Another benefit of gold and silver is that they are inflation proof. This means that they hold their value despite devaluations of nations’ currencies or economic crisis. It also makes them a great asset to leave behind for your generations-to-come.

GoldSilver has been in business since 2005 and offers a variety of IRA-eligible gold and silver bullion products. It also has a number of storage options, including its own segregated vaults. Clients may change their vault storage at any time and are only charged for the duration of their holdings in the vaults. They can also have their gold and silver delivered or move them to another custodial company at any time.

IRA-Approved Bullion

Silver bullion investments are a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio. With the right IRA custodian or broker, it can be as easy as placing an online order and receiving your metals in the mail.

IRA-approved bullion includes gold and silver coins and bars. Investing in precious metals provides an excellent alternative to stocks and bonds that can be effected by financial turmoil and inflation.

Goldsilver offers a wide selection of IRA-approved bullion, including coins and bars of different weights. Customers can choose from gold IRA-approved coins like the Australian Kangaroo and American Eagle, as well as silver IRA-approved coins such as the Austrian Silver Philharmonic.

While GoldSilver offers a broad range of products, some disgruntled customers have reported issues with their service and pricing. To get the most accurate picture, customers should carefully review GoldSilver’s ratings and reviews from trusted consumer reporting sites. They should also consider the fees associated with a precious metals IRA, which can include setup and storage costs.


GoldSilver offers fast shipping via credit or debit card, PayPal, and bank wire. The company ships domestically and internationally to 93 countries, with all shipments fully insured and tracked. The only additional fees for international clients are customs duties, which must be paid to the appropriate government agency upon delivery. Many clients bypass customs delays altogether by storing their precious metals with GoldSilver’s private vault storage service. For this fee, your bullion is shelved and wrapped in a way that ensures it remains separate from the holdings of other clients. Clients may also change their vault storage plan at any time.

With great ratings and reviews, GoldSilver is a good option for investors looking to buy physical precious metals online. However, if you’re looking for a more hands-on approach to investing, Augusta Precious Metals is an excellent alternative.