Goldstar IRA Review

goldstar ira

GoldStar IRA is an excellent option for those looking to diversify their retirement account with alternative investments. They offer a variety of options, transparent fees and decades of experience.

They are a top-rated company with hundreds of positive customer reviews online. They also offer great service and fast response times.

They offer a variety of investment options

Goldstar ira offers clients a variety of investment options, including real estate, precious metals, private equity, and cryptocurrency. The company’s website provides detailed information about each option and explains the risks associated with each.

The company also offers SEP IRAs for employers with 100 or fewer employees. These accounts allow companies to make contributions on behalf of their employees, which can be tax-deductible.

Moreover, they offer a range of investment solutions for high-net-worth individuals. They have been in business for over 30 years and manage over $2 billion in assets.

The company’s executive team includes three vice presidents, all of whom have experience in alternative investing through real estate investments and self-directed IRAs. The executives take great pride in offering personalized services to each client.

They are upfront about their fees

Goldstar ira is one of the few IRA companies that are upfront about their fees. This is a rare quality in today’s market.

There are a few different types of fees associated with goldstar ira, including an initial account set-up fee and annual maintenance fees. These fees are dependent on the value of your IRA account.

Another type of fee associated with goldstar ira is for brokerage services. These fees include a yearly asset holding fee of $50, as well as trading fees of $25 per trade.

They also have an administrative legal fee of $100.

They also offer a variety of other investments, including real estate. These investments come with an initial account setup fee and then annual maintenance fees depending on the value of your real estate.

They are regulated by the FDIC

If you’re considering a gold IRA, you should be sure the custodian has the proper insurance and expertise to manage your account. They should also be able to handle the paperwork and regulations.

For example, they must be able to verify that the metals are stored separately from the other assets in the account and assigned a value for IRS reporting purposes. They must also be able to store the metals in a secure environment, and provide expert verification of shipments.

You should also consider how much of your IRA you can invest in precious metals. The amount should be based on your age and total assets, the expected needs for liquidity in the future, and your investment philosophy.

If you’re not sure if a gold IRA is right for you, talk to your financial advisor. They can help you decide how to invest your IRA, and how much of it should be in gold.

They offer great customer service

Goldstar ira is a well-respected custodian for self-directed IRAs. They offer a variety of services, including precious metals IRAs and more. They also provide excellent customer service and clear-cut paperwork.

In fact, most users report that they enjoy working with GoldStar Trust as a custodian for their IRAs. They say that it’s fast and easy to set up, accounts are clean, and they offer individualized support.

Their customer support team is made up of three vice presidents: Dave Schnierle, Matt Peakes, and John Johnson. They have all been in the industry for a long time and have experience in a variety of alternative investing forms through real estate investments and self-directed IRAs.

Their fee schedule is a little confusing, though, as they charge different fees for various types of assets. Those include money market funds, mutual funds, and hedge funds. They also have a one-time establishment fee and an annual maintenance fee.