Is iTrustCapital Safe?

is itrustcapital safe

iTrustcapital is an alternative investment platform that allows investors to invest in cryptocurrency and precious metals through self-directed IRA accounts. They offer a number of valuable features, including 24 hours trading and low fees for both cryptocurrency and precious metals.

iTrustcapital provides multiple layers of security to protect investors’ assets from cyber threats. In addition, they offer low account minimums and no fees on deposit or withdrawal.


iTrustCapital is a company that allows you to invest in alternative assets like cryptocurrency and precious metals through your individual retirement account (IRA). They are a trusted company with excellent customer service. iTrustCapital has received good evaluations on sites like Reddit and Trustpilot, and the customer support team is available via online messaging or by phone 24/7.

The company’s security measures include using two-factor authentication and a secure custodial storage system. Additionally, the site uses Fireblocks to secure digital currency transactions and is backed by Munich Re against exchange hacks. It also partners with Coinbase to provide cold storage and insurance policies.

iTrustCapital does not have the same business continuity plan as BitIRA, but they do have a backup for client assets in case of a wind-down. Their digital currency assets are stored by qualified custodians, while the physical gold and silver is stored at the Royal Canadian Mint. The custodians are independent of iTrustCapital and are not FDIC insured.


iTrustCapital offers low fees for trading cryptocurrency and precious metals. Its platform offers 24 hour trading, and its assets are secured with externally audited state-of-the-art cold storage security. It also features a user-friendly system that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies in their retirement accounts. It supports Roth, Traditional, and SEP IRAs and offers a number of funding options, including wire transfer, ACH, and check.

Moreover, it has a multi-layered security infrastructure that is designed to prevent cyber crimes. Its crypto tokens are stored in cold storage, and its physical gold and silver is stored with the Royal Canadian Mint. Its assets are insured against theft and other crimes, and its security measures include two-factor authentication and encryption.

In addition, iTrustCapital has a number of other security measures, including the use of Curv for its crypto IRA storage and varying transaction fees for its gold and silver IRAs. It also has a helpful knowledge center and an FAQ section.

Trading platform

iTrustCapital is a non-traditional retirement investing platform that allows users to add cryptocurrencies and precious metals to their IRAs. The website features a live, transparent trading platform that is available 24 hours a day. The platform lists all available assets and provides pricing information, making it easy to buy or sell assets.

The company’s security measures are also top-notch. The platform uses Curv, an institutional-grade wallet that is SOC Type II compliant and backed by Coinbase Custody. Additionally, the platform is partnered with Fireblocks, an extra layer of security for crypto transactions.

iTrustCapital offers 30 different cryptocurrencies, but its selection is actively being expanded. Moreover, the company offers physical gold and silver through its VaultChain service. The company also partners with Coinbase to provide added security for physical gold and silver. This partnership ensures that your assets are safe from cyber attacks and theft. iTrustCapital is one of the few platforms that offer this level of security for self-directed retirement accounts.

Customer service

iTrustCapital is dedicated to simplifying cryptocurrency IRA investing, and has a customer service team that strives for prompt and helpful responses. Many customers praise their responsiveness and their willingness to go above and beyond to resolve problems.

The company also offers a variety of rudimentary pricing charts, which are useful for tracking price trends over time. They also provide a variety of custodial options, including a partnership with Coinbase Custody that helps protect against crypto exchange hacks.

iTrustCapital’s security features include institutional-grade software and insurance against crypto exchange theft from Munich Re. It also uses two-factor authentication for all personal accounts, and provides an online account where customers can view the status of their investment. The company also has a commitment to innovation and is focused on changing the way people invest in gold and cryptocurrency.